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The benefits of becoming a Synchronistic member

Becoming a Synchronistic member will put you in touch with a team of like-minded professionals, mainly in, but not restricted to, the Information Technology area.


Jobs wanted/available
A regularly updated register of employment and project opportunities is available for you to browse through. As Synchronistic becomes more established, the list will grow in size. Contact us for further details.

If you or your company needs people, permanent or contractors, an availability list will be online in the near future. Check the list to find a permanent/contractor who meets your requirements or contact us and we will find the right person for you.

Synchronistic has a unique time-based sliding-scale commission schedule, which means we’re not only competitive on rates - we also promote happier, longer term relationships between contractors and clients.

This is a collection of Questions and Answers to help you familiarize yourself with Synchronistic and how it operates.

You’ll find the latest on tax issues related to contractors plus interesting and rewarding ways to make the most of your hard earned dollar.

The Synchronistic Noticeboard announces upcoming events and opportunities, such as training, user groups, special interest groups, etc.

Use the Synchronistic Feedback service to contribute your feedback on trends, current events, Synchronistic or anything you feel is worth sharing.